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Machine Gallery

Click on any image to view more images of any machine.

Brazing Machines

nickel brazing system  induction brazing turntable  induction brazing belljar 
Nickel Brazing | enlarge Brazing Turntable | enlarge Brazing Belljar | enlarge  

9 position brazing turntable 
Brazing Turntable | enlarge  

Heat Treating

vertical hardening setup  induction tempering machine  induction hardening setup 
Vertical Hardening | enlarge Tempering | enlarge Hardening Studs | enlarge  

rod annealing machine  induction heat treating system  Wire Heating Machine 
Annealing| enlarge Hardening | enlarge Wire Heating | enlarge  

high power hardening  high power hardening   
Hardening| enlarge SWET System | enlarge    

Vacuum Furnaces

custom built vacuum furnace  Dual Chamber Vac System  large chamber vac sys 
VF-35 | enlarge Two Chamber | enlarge Large Chamber| enlarge  

custom built vacuum furnace 
Custom System | enlarge  

Atmospheric Glove Boxes

vacuum glove box  two chamber glove box  single chamber glove box 
Glove Box | enlarge Glove Box 2 Chamber| enlarge Glove Box 1 Chamber| enlarge  

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