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GH IA Revises Comprehensive Brazing Guide

GH Induction Atmospheres (GH IA), a leading American provider of customized industrial heating solutions, has just released a revised and updated version of its popular Brazing Guide.

"Brazing is one of the most popular applications for induction heating", says Dale Wilcox, GH IA co-founder and General Manager. The process is relatively fast and economical, requires relatively low temperatures, and it is highly adaptable to automation and lean manufacturing initiatives."

The new version of the 10-page guide includes sections on basic brazing procedures, types of braze joints, when brazing works best, sources of heat, and how to choose the best brazing atmosphere and alloy for a specific process. The advantages of brazing with induction heating are discussed, along with the unique brazing equipment solutions offered by GH IA.

The GH IA Brazing Guide can be downloaded as a PDF at no charge from the GH-IA website. For more information, please feel free to visit us at www.gh-ia.com, or call us at 585.368.2120, or send email to info@gh-ia.com.

About GH IA

GH Induction Atmospheres, located in Rochester NY, USA, is a leading provider of customized industrial heating solutions for automotive, aerospace, medical and energy production applications.

GH-IA is part of the GH Group - one of the largest, most experienced induction heating companies in the world. With headquarters in Valencia, Spain, GH Group includes affiliated companies in the USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, and China. GH Group specializes in providing custom-designed production systems for industrial heat treating. With over 4000 installations in more than 50 countries, GH Group has developed long standing relationships with most of the first, second and third tier automotive companies.

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