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VF-20 Lab Vacuum Furnace

Our VF-20 Vacuum Furnace is designed to heat parts of virtually any shape in a high temperature, high vacuum environment. For laboratory managers and manufacturers seeking improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs, the VF-20 provides an excellent example of how lean, green technology can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Ideal System for Laboratory Use

With a compact 5' x 5' x 8' footprint, the VF-20 will easily fit into your lab space or manufacturing cell. Utility requirements include 480 VAC, 3-phase, 100 Amp electrical service and 20 GPM cooling water at 40 PSI. With the VF-20’s quick, clean induction heating system, 1900°F can be reached in less than 12 minutes. Cool down to 1200°F from maximum temperature can be achieved in less than 4.5 minutes.

Common Vacuum Furnace Applications

The most common applications for vacuum furnaces include heating small lot sizes, brazing parts of unusual shapes, repairing “orphans” from other heating processes, and research applications which benefit from whole part heating:

East Part Loading and Material Handling

To permit easy loading, the furnace’s part handling mechanism opens at the base of the system, then automatically raises up to 40 lbs of parts up into the vacuum chamber and heating coil, and finally lowers the parts back down to base level for unloading.

The standard hot zone of the VF-20 has a 10” ID, 10” height and volume of 0.45 cu. ft. The chamber is mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel frame that houses all the required equipment for vacuum, atmospheric and system control, as well as the induction heating station.

Real time monitoring and SPC are a snap with the optional LAN interface or digital chart recorder; data may be stored and sent directly to your desktop. The standard thermocouple controls record all chamber temperatures; individual part temperatures may be controlled and monitored with the optional optical pyrometer.

To maximize operator safety in a lab environment, the heating system is fully isolated. Safety interlocks protect access to the vacuum chamber and manual controls.

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