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TVK Series

The TVK vertical scanners program is the access solution to high-quality standards in induction applications manufactured by GH Induction Group.

The TVK is a competitive solution designed for

This compact unit holds on less than 55 sq.ft surface (5.12 sq. m) a complete induction heating solution with power supply, PLC or CNC controlled machine and cooling and quenching systems.

This "all in one" solution can perform heat treatment (hardening, tempering) as well as brazing processes with power supplies up to 100kW.

Designed to handle small and medium size components, the TVK series targets lean cell plant (several machines for high flexibility) or dedicated high volume needs.

Several configurations and versions allow to upgrade the machine such as multi-positions turntable or twin spindle to accommodate the most demanding production rate.

Its simplicity and attractive price have make the TVK series an instant winning solution.

Maximum part length ............................13.8 in (350mm)

Maximum hardening length ..................11.8 in (300mm)

Maximum part diameter.........................5.9 in (150mm)

Maximum part weight ...........................22 lbs (10 Kg)

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TVT Series

Our TVT type vertical induction hardening installations offer great versatility in processing parts of varying dimensions and characteristics. Hardening can be accomplished by scanning or single shot, with or without rotation.

The typical installation includes a transithermicĀ® induction heating power supply; cooling system for the power supply; cooling system for the hardening liquid; CNC for the inductor shift; and TVT handling machine.

The installation shown at right is designed to harden axles up to 2000mm in length and 250kg in weight. In this particular case, it is equipped with a 300kW generator running at frequencies from 3 to 10kHz.

TVG Series

Our versatile TVG vertical induction hardening installations accomodate parts up to 3000mm in length, 4000mm in diameter, and weighing up to 2 tons. This is a manual load/unload system in which the inductor moves along the part.

The typical TVG installation includes a transithermic induction heating power supply, an inductor moving numerical control system, and TVG handling machine.

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TVK Series Vertical Scanners