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Innovative Induction Heating

Your heating process is unique – you need a very specific heating solution to match your specific process requirements. So you shouldn't have to settle for an off-the-shelf heating solution that "comes close" to meeting your specifications.

At GH-IA, we take pride in fully meeting and even exceeding your process requirements with custom-designed heating solutions. Our professional team thinks differently, adds real business value and will works closely with you to deliver innovative induction heating solutions. Count on us to adopt a unique yet cost-effective approach to every client challenge.

Advanced Inductor Manufacturing and Rotating Inductor Technology are two examples that demonstrate how we take an innovative approach to solving complex heating problems.

Advanced Inductor Manufacturing

A reliable coil making is critical for ensuring the repeatability of the heating pattern and minimum time of calibration and verification. This is why the mass production industry demands inductors with longer lifetime and extreme repeatability.

Nevertheless, the technique the most used in inductors manufacturing – manual assembly and brazing of components – entails both fair repeatability and lifetime uncertainty, which users have had to live with until now. 3DPCoil Solution and Microfusion, new inductor manufacturing techniques from GH Induction, offer extraordinary possibilities for the process and operation and production. Download brochure

Both techniques offer these common benefits:

3DPCoil Solution
3DP Coil Solution is stardard technology for GH inductor manufacturing. Coils are manufactured with nowadays’ fastest, most efficient method: additive manufacturing by Electron Beam Melting (EBM). The coil is directly made in copper by a controlled electron beam that melts copper powder following a 3D CAD model, layer by layer.

Especially adapted to shapes requiring narrow wall thickness, Microfusion allows intricate and/or small inductors. This technique is based on wax modeling by 3D printing then microfusion using silver or silver alloy. Download brochure

Rotating Inductor Technology

Successful induction heating relies on even, consistent, and repeatable transfer of heat from the inductor to the part. For parts with relatively simple geometry, a basic helical, round or square inductor configuration achieves the desired result. The machine moves the the part inside the inductor heating zone, the heating process occurs, and the machine removes part from the inductor.

However, today's complex manufacturing processes often require parts with equally complex geometry, and the mechanics required to move complex parts through a stationary inductor can be substantial. For these applications, it is often more cost- effective to design a machine in which the inductor itself moves around the part to provide the most even and consistent heating pattern.

GH's patented rotating inductor technology offers significant advantages for heating large and/or complex parts:

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microfusion inductor

Innovative microfusion technology increases repeatability and consistency.


rotating inductor diagram

A rotating inductor moves around the part to provide the most even and consistent heating pattern.